Privacy Policy


Privacy is important. Mark Davis does not like his information handed out to anyone and he will not do that to you. This policy is simple.

● Mark Davis owns and personally operates this website.
● Client portal access for client authorized representatives only.
● Any personal information collected via contact forms, order forms, agreements, etc... will not be shared, sold or leased to anyone.
● Any email addresses collected are never shared, sold or leased to any third party.
● Sessions and cookies are used on this website but no personal information is gathered from such information.
● The information provided  is used solely to conduct business with you and always kept confidential.
● All online banking transactions conducted between you and PayPal.
● This website includes a SSL Certificate for an encrypted HTTPS connection between you and the website.
● The secure lock icon should always be viewable to left of URL address.

Should you have any concerns about your privacy and use of this website, Mark wants to know.

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Privacy Policy
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