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The following software is for viewing and cataloging high res images quickly.  

If you view high res photographs on your computer on a regular basis you wll find photo viewing software important becasue without it you may not be able view the images at all, the large image files could lock up your computer, or it will take a significant amount of time for viewing all the images. 

Mark uses photo viewing software called ACDSee Pro 10. He uses it everyday in his workflow process. The only difference in the Pro vs the regular version, Pro allows embedding image files with metadata such as keywords, captions, etc. If you don't use that feature the regular version, which costs less, works the same as the Pro version.

ACDSee makes a Mac version called Pro 3 for Mac.

It is common to find a 30 day free trial downloadable from the ACDSee website and/or on sale at 50% off retail pricing.

See the ACDSee Website here.

Mark does not have an endorsement nor is he paid for the above referenced recommendation. Just an honest recommendation to help you with viewing high res image files.

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