What are Session Cookies

May 1, 2018

Online privacy is important. Read Mark's privacy policy here. 

One question often asked: What are sessions cookies? The privacy policy says, "Sessions and cookies are used on this website but no personal information is collected." 

Session cookies do not in themselves present a threat to privacy, since they can only be used to store information the user has volunteered or the webserver already has. 

Session cookies allow a user to be recognized within a website so any page changes or item or data selection completed by the user is remembered from page to page.

The most common example is a shopping cart feature of any e-commerce site. When a user visits one page of a catalog and select items, the session cookie remembers the selection so the shopping cart will have the items selected remembered when the user returns to the website or ready to check out. Without session cookies, if the users returned or clicked CHECKOUT the new page will not recognize the users past activities on prior pages and the shopping cart will always be empty.  While a visitor is seldom prompted to checkout while on this website, an online shopping cart system is used for viewing it.

Here, client authorized representatives are required to have an account to access client created photographs that are displayed in a private gallery and to download the same. Clients can also mark favorites that will be remembered on subsequent visits. Session cookies are used to remember these actions. 

Mark owns and personally operates this website. There is no personally identifiable information maintained with the use of session cookies. They are however required for the website to function. Should you have additional questions please ask. Protecting your privacy is important.

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